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Dr. Sharon D. Forrest provides counseling services in Sarasota, FL

Counseling Services Based in Sarasota, Florida

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Christian, Marriage and DUI Counseling

Therapy Services

Turn to Dr. Forrest when you are overwhelmed by depression, guilt, anger, fear, alcoholism, drug addition, grief, or heartbreak. As a Family Therapist and Pastoral Counselor and Licensed Marriage Counselor, she provides Christ-centered individual and family counseling.
The focus is on providing a safe, non-judgmental environment for restoration utilizing Christian principles and established business skills when utilized, will give you the tools to create a happier healthier you.

Life Coaching & Consulting

Need help sorting and organizing the priorities in your life, with a BA in Organizational Management and an MBA in Business and Finance she can make these life challenges less difficult and more manageable. Pursue change and improve communication within your career with life coaching sessions from Dr. Forrest. Through her coaching and consulting, with over 30 years of business experience, to assist you to not only meet, but surpass your business goals.


About Dr. Forrest

Dr. Forrest provides a unique form of therapy addressing your spiritual and professional needs collectively.  She seeks to assist you in reshaping the circumstances that may have temporarily gotten you off track.  You may have experienced a set back; but working together, we can make this a Set Up for something GREAT!


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License No. & State 2750 AAMFT • License No. & State MT2750 Florida

About Her

Dr. Sharon D. Forrest Ed.D LMFT in Sarasota, Florida, is an experienced therapist who offers a wide range of counseling services that help you through difficult times. With more than 30 years collectively, her guidance focuses on the whole picture including all the challenges and relationships present, which allows her to provide the assistance you need. Additionally, she offers life coaching and business consultations.